Sunday, May 8, 2011

Designing Better Libraries

Designing Better Libraries

Designing  Better Libraries, is a blog that explains the experiences of users with libraries, and what qualities are necessary to have good experiences. The blog offers articles that help us learn about considerations as instructional designers. The article about Want Magazine helped me learn  how designers think and what can drive my creativity. I also found a journal related to design innovation, but the best information was regarding about "good experiences are the best defense against badvocacy. The author of this  blog explained how the person who has a bad experience in the library can be an advocate or badvocate of the services according to the experience he/she had.

I found the creativity and innovation link very helpful to find posts about ways to capture our good ideas and how to get others to approve them. Other categories that this blog offer are events, professional development, research studies and service design among others.

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