Sunday, May 8, 2011

Upside Learning

30 Top Online Resources For Instructional Designers to Keep Up With

This blog offers a list of the top 30 blogs and websites that Instructional Designers would be interested in. Some of them focus exclusively on how to create better learning experiences. Others offer tips and tricks on how to improve efficiencies or manage clients better. And some explain technological aspects that Instructional Designers should be aware of.
One of the blogs is about informal software, it explains how this industry develops products that facilitate the interaction with computers, mobile phones, scanners, and remote databases.

I also found the PsyBlog by Jeremy Dean, that is helpful to understanding the mind. The post that got my attention was the one about the unusual thinking styles increase creativity. This provides psychological research that reveals how rational versus intuitive thinking can inspire new ideas. According to this blog incentives can work only if the goal is creativity and not for completing the task.

Another post that was of my interest is "the ten commandments of elearning." One commandment mentions that Pedagogy first, technology second. In other words technology can't replace learning, only augment and support it. Another commandment is use small and smaller learning units. Using this way you are allowing flexibility to create adapted learning ways.

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