Sunday, May 15, 2011

Evaluating and Identifying Online Resources

Welcome to my blog. This week I am Evaluating and Identifying three online resource related to the brain and learning, information processing theory, and problem-solving methods during the learning process. I found an interesting video posted above and at the end of my blog under videos about the brain and learning. Since I am a learner that needs to hear and see at the same time I hope they will help you too.
The next page that explains "the twelve principles for brain-based learning," followed by "the information processing approach to cognition."

"The Talking Page Literacy Organization"
I consider this information very important for instructors/teachers and instructional designers in order to learn about how the brain-based learner slows down under some conditions, learns via experiences, has a unique brain, has various types of memory, and learns better when the subject is incorporated in previous experiences. The next principles explain why it is important to have good teachers, sleep well, provide good stimulation, the use of patterns, social experiences, etc. in order to prepare learning environments that provide opportunities to all type of learners.

The Twelve Principles for Brain-Based Learning
Sonoma County Department of Education

The Information Processing Approach to Cognition
There you will find information about the levels of processing, parallel distributed processing, and connectionistic. You will also find information about how to use the information processing approach in the classroom.

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