Sunday, May 8, 2011

Instructional Design Sites & Organizations Instructional Design Central

Instructional Design Sites & Organizations Instructional Design Central, is a blog that provides resources and community services to instructional design professionals, educators and students. This blog also provides links to ID jobs, ID degrees, ID conferences, ID sites, and ID forums.

What I like about this blog is that it not only provides you with resources and community services, but you can also observe the history and timeline of instructional design. I was surprised knowing that the foundation of instructional design was placed in World War II. The United States of America required that its soldiers were trained in large numbers. You will also find how the theories of Behaviorism and Operant Conditioning from Skinner fit in this field.

This blog can provide information about instructional design models and theories as well. I didn't know that models help us to visualize the problem and break it down into a convenient group.  Exploring this blog I learned about the ADDIE model, and found that its insignias for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.  The other theory that got my attention is Bloom's Learning Taxonomy, he identified six levels within the cognitive domain from knowledge at the lowest level to evaluation at the highest level.

I found very helpful  the instructional design sites and organizations that this blog provided as well. Two of the sites that got my special attention were the American Society for Training and Development. ASTD provides special resources such as magazines, newsletters, job posting services, etc. ASTD also provides the learning and performance community with multiple state division organizations throughout the United States of America who provide the local instructional design community.

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